Project Description

An old boatyard was the inspiration for this large acrylic on canvas painting. There is something very soothing about a boatyard with the sea in the background, the sea itself having very calming properties. Although I live in the Caribbean, with which one tends to associate bright colours, the palette of this painting was deliberately muted to suit its destination – my brother’s apartment in north-east France. My brother is a frequent visitor to the Caribbean – Antigua in particular – and for his 6oth birthday I wanted to give him something which would both remind him of his visits and yet blend into his home environment. The boatyard seemed like the ideal subject.

It was painted on a stretched canvas and the finished painting was then removed from the stretcher and rolled. I managed to fit it into my suitcase, curving it round my clothes. Acrylic paint is very malleable and the painting was not in the least damaged by its transit. Upon its arrival, my brother took it to a framer who re-stretched it and it was then hung in his apartment (see my blog) and the result was perfect. He loves the boatyard and the painting is an excellent souvenir of his trips to Antigua – and an aide mémoire to organising future visits

Large paintings off the stretcher can also be shipped using FedEx, which I have often done in the past.

Acrylic on canvas 48×60″  122x152cm