Project Description

Blue is one of my favorite colors and basically blue palm lagoon is an exercise in playing with the blues I have in my watercolor palette. The blues used  here are French Ultramarine and Pthalo Blue. The former has a delightful graininess and thus texture; the latter is very intense and has a high staining ability (as I have learned to my cost!). Very little Pthalo Blue is needed and a combination of this with the French Ultramarine results in a quite stunning composition of pleasing simplicity.

Paintings such as blue palm lagoon are very much a question of pot luck: I never know if they will work or not, as the technique relies on the interplay of gravity on the application wet on wet paint in varying degrees of wetness. In fact, it’s the drips that determine the success of the composition. Very often a painting like this will not work, and, with watercolors, trying to correct it just makes matters worse. It’s best just to walk away and then start on the next one.

I love my blue lagoon series and try various combinations of blues in each one. They are not big but with carefully chosen framing and a wide double or single mount, they can look spectacular when hung.

Watercolor on Arches acid-free paper 140b  300gm

12×16″ 30x40cm