Project Description

Bengal Cat 

Nala was a beautiful Bengal Cat with an equally beautiful character. Unfortunately she met a tragic early death and was long mourned by her owner. However, at last she accepted her parents’ offer to have a pet portrait painted as a tribute to Nala’s  memory. I put the painting together from a number of photos. I particularly liked the blueness of the flowers featured in one, which seemed to match the vivid blue of Nala’s eyes in another. The intensity of her gaze and the flickering tail came out well but there was something missing. The addition of the blue butterfly  seemed to complete the composition perfectly.

Happily Nala’s owner was delighted with her pet portrait. It seems that I had completely captured her character and the characteristic Bengal Cat coat and coloring…which also pleased me, of course!

Acrylic on canvas panel

30.5×40.5cm  12×16″