Project Description

This Basset Hound is a mix with another, unknown breed of dog, so whereas she had the body and short legs typical of Basset Hounds, the shorter ears obviously belong to the other parent of obscure origin. Her name is Libby Loo and she was the beloved pet of the daughter of a friend of mine here in Antigua, the daughter living in Canada where she has quite a menagerie of pet dogs. Libby Loo was her favourite so she was absolutely devastated when Libby Loo passed away, even though, given her age, this was to be expected.

Once again, friend Carrie rose to the occasion and commissioned me to paint this portrait of Libby Loo to console her owner, whom she had known all her life, in her grief. Once again, the painting on watercolour paper was sent via FedEx and Libby Loo’s owner was so moved she burst into further tears – but this time more of joy than unhappiness. She is delighted to have a reminder of the Basset Hound mix known as Libby Loo that was part of her canine family for so long.

I could only manage the head in this painting as I didn’t have any good photos of the full body – and also we couldn’t ask Libby Loo’s owner for images as the painting was to be a surprise. As it was, I took the reference photo off her profile picture on Facebook. Another happy result!

Watercolour 12×16″   30x40cm