Project Description


Bananaquits are small, yellow-breasted birds with curved beaks and members of the Honeycreeper  family. They are very sociable and not shy at all, preferring to live in residential areas where there would be bird feeders or plates from which food could be stolen or glasses with delicious fruits drinks to be sipped – including those with alcohol!  They also make a lot of noise as they jostle each other for food, but the sound is not unpleasant and actually blends quite well into the background. They can get quite shrill, though, if they don’t get their expected food on time, such as the sugar my husband gives them every morning at breakfast time in the suspended bird feeder. If he dares to have a lie-in, they can become most indignant….! They are early risers themselves as you can hear them twittering around sunrise.

These delightful, friendly creatures abound on the property of  Sandals Grande Resort and Spa, Antigua, where the Art Gallery is situated.  Bananaquits congregate especially around the open-air restaurants and outside the café where guests eat delicious pastries. Some bananaquits get very daring, stealing crumbs off plates before guests have even finished!

This acrylic painting on wood depicts three bananaquits perched against a colorful tropical background

Acrylic on wood

10×20” 25.4x50.8cm