Project Description

This beautiful purple and pink banana flower in its tropical setting conjures up all the warmth of the Caribbean. The fruit of the banana palm are well-known as both delicious and good to eat; the edible banana flower, however, is less well known. The tough outer layer (the purple and pink covering) should be removed, and the tender yellow-green contents chopped up for use in salads, soups or stir-fries.

Some banana flower varieties, especially those with a mass of pale pink and magenta, are also used in decorative displays in the same way that certain varieties of pineapple are not edible but are cultivated for ornamental purposes.

I have often expressed my affinity for painting different types of palms, and the banana palm is no exception, especially with its stunning flower. The curves of the leaves (often used to wrap food for gentle cooking) lend themselves very well to my drip techniques and the resulting semi-surreal effect makes this painting an ideal companion to another of my pieces entitled “Pineapple Plants” (also on this website).

Acrylic on canvas

48×60″  122x152cm