Project Description

Antiguan Pineapples

Antiguan pineapples lend themselves perfectly to my drippy acrylic painting technique. This technique is very unpredictable as I never know if the drips are going to “work” or not. It’s also very messy as I have to take the canvas off the easel and tip it until gravity takes over then try and control it so that the resulting drips produce a pleasing composition. Invariably I manage to spatter myself, so I try and remember to change into protective clothing when attempting this kind of painting (I have ruined too many clothes in the past…).

All pineapples, Antiguan Pineapples being no exception, grow on the end of stalks a few feet high and Antigua has a considerable pineapple plantation. The leaves are slightly spiky, like the tops of the fruit itself. the range of colors in pineapples is very varied and in this painting I concentrated of very warm tones of yellows, yellow ochre, orange and a flash of vermilion red.

Antiguan pineapples are also very sweet to eat. The best way is just on their own, no other embellishment being needed. They are  furthermore very good for one’s digestion, both because of their fibre and the enzyme bromelain, which is found in fresh, raw pineapple, which is an excellent digestive aid.

Acrylic on canvas

24×36”  61×91.4cm