Project Description

Datura, commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet, is a genus of nine flowering poisonous plant species. This includes the well-known Deadly Nightshade, a popular means of death in many murder mystery tales. It can grow in both temperate and tropical regions and here in Antigua I have seen big bushes of Angel’s Trumpet with large, creamy white flowers or pale yellowy-orange blooms in profusion. I used to have a big Angel’s Trumpet right outside my studio window a few years back – a great source of inspiration.  The flowers can also vary between plain white or creamy mauve and purple although I’ve only ever seen the creamy orange varieties.

The poison is to be found in the Angel’s Trumpet seeds from its spiky fruit. However,  it seems that a tea made from them can produce hallucinogenic and/or alleged medical effects,  features which have been used for better or worse over the centuries in different countries round the world, as an overdose can be lethal.

Whatever its deadly characteristics, I have always liked the shape of the Angel’s Trumpet flowers and this particular painting is one of my favorites. The juxtaposition of the colors works extremely well and the simplicity and harmony combine to produce a very pleasing, balance composition.

Acrylic on canvas.

30×48″    76x122cm