Project Description


The long elegance of these delightful angelfish is exactly right for a painting of this format. Unusually, these particular tropical fish are not particularly colorful, which is why they blend in beautifully with the abstract background of sea greens and blues with a suggestion of seaweed. The intensity of the blues suggest tropical waters with shafts of sunlight penetrating in the green and pale green sections. The overall picture is peaceful and slow-moving, with the odd darting of a fish perhaps. Cool, calm seas with suggestions of tropical warmth above.

Angelfish are often and easily seen in or near coral reefs when snorkeling or diving in the clear waters off Antigua. There are several varieties, some quite colorful, but I am drawn to the simplicity of this species. The coloring is like the shadows of the deep and the delicate appendages harmonies perfectly with the water currents as well as being perfect for this particular format. The textures produced by the primed wood surface all contribute to a soothing underwater seascape.
Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm