Project Description

Allamanda is another very attractive tropical vine native to the Americas and grows very well in the Caribbean. Most of the species produce yellow flowers (often known as yellow Bells) but one variety has pinkish-purple blooms. The ornamental varieties of Allamanda are good climbers and beautiful archways or gateways can be created if they are trained properly.The name Allamanda honors  the Swiss botanist and physician Frédéric-Louis Allemand. Some Allamanda species have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, and others have been used in anti-cancer treatments.

The bell-like flowers, which grow in clusters, are prolific and make delightful subjects for both watercolor and acrylic paintings. In this piece, there is a lot of texture, and the almost clashing hues of the flowers nonetheless harmonize in the greens of the surrounding leaves. Allamanda is another of those subjects I like painting over and over, using different color combinations and techniques. This is quite a small painting but quite dramatic in its effects.

Acrylic on canvas

18×18″  46x46cm