Project Description

This acrylic painting of a humming bird was painted on wood which was first primed with white emulsion house paint. A few coats gave it enough texture for the next layers to be applied. The methods used were impasto and also dropping in white acrylic house paint into a diluted colour with lots of water. I then held the wood at a slight angle so that the paint would run, creating  drips. As the paint dried, I applied more colour and then left all the background to dry. I then  added the humming bird.

The style is a mixture of abstract background with the figurative humming bird. The idea of the red flowers is implied as is the surrounding green foliage.

This acrylic painting of a humming bird is one of my favourites as the way the paint behaved and the colours combined came out really well. It is not very big but is very striking and the texture has a great feel to it. I really like painting on wood as I never really know how the paint is going to behave, especially when I hold the wood at an angle. it certainly doesn’t always work! This time I think it did.

Acrylic on wood

10×20″  25x50cm