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Waterlilies This painting of waterlilies, in acrylic on canvas 18x18", was part of a small exhibition held at the Mill Reef Club in [...]

Old boatyard

The old boatyard painting hanging in my brother's apartment As I have said in the description of this painting in my Portfolio [...]

The dogs and cats of Antigua

The Inaugural Meeting of the Dogs and Cats of Antigua The dogs and cats of Antigua is actually the name of a newly-formed [...]

Rum & fish mural at Papa Zouk

Mural at Papa Zouk, Antigua I have just completed a hefty rum & fish mural at Papa Zouk - the best rum shop [...]

Wedding fun!

Wedding fun featuring a forester and a surfer! Wedding Fun Wedding fun was on the agenda of Kate & Dotty's wedding plans. The [...]

Polo: Caribbean-style

Polo Caribbean-style on Charlie Polo:  Caribbean-style Polo was part of my life from the age of three to twelve. I enjoyed my weekly [...]

A Canine Christmas Gift

A canine Christmas Gift: Stewart, Teddy, Samson & DelilahAcrylic on canvas panel, 16x12” 40.5x30.5cm A Canine Christmas Gift In October 2012, Don & [...]

Oscar and Felix: Antiguan Dogs

Oscar & Felix. Acrylic on canvas panel. 16x12” 40.5x30.5cm This painting is of my neighbour's dogs, father Oscar (on the [...]

Antiguan dog

Antiguan dog Yula with her portraits Antiguan Dog  Antiguan dog Yula is typical of the type of dogs generally found in Antigua. The [...]

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