Waterlilies This painting of waterlilies, in acrylic on canvas 18x18", was part of a small exhibition held at the Mill Reef Club in Antigua in February 2015. Five artists took part, including my Antiguan friends painter & sculptor Sallie Harker and potter Sarah Fuller. It was just for an afternoon, and 10% of the proceeds from sales went to the local dog shelter, PAAWS, and was organized by fellow dog-lover Bettina Stelle. The inspiration for this piece on waterlilies came from my friend Carrie's beautiful garden, where she has a lovely lily pond in an old copper. Coppers were used way back in the sugar industry when the economy of Antigua, like so many other islands in the Caribbean, relied on sugar cane production (the proceeds of which contributed largely to paying for the Napoleonic wars in Europe, but that's another story!). These days many of them are highly decorative lily ponds and their scarcity makes them very much in demand. The painting caught the eye of a couple of visitors to Mill Reef, who hesitated between this painting and another, a watercolor. But as the waterlilies had more meaning for them, as they also had a lily pond, and were something they could relate to, they contacted me after the event upon their return to Florida, and said they had to have it. They received it safely via FedEx and were delighted with it (despite an unfortunate minor mix-up regarding speed of delivery...).   Waterlilies framed I am delighted to say that the frame they chose sets the painting off perfectly. The colors and texture are exactly right for the waterlilies. I think that the way that a painting is [...]