A complete makeover

This gaming table has just undergone a complete makeover! Designed by the late, great, Amos Morrill, it was built for a couple with a house here in Antigua in 2006. You can see that it is an ingenious design: the top is actually a lid -  turn it over, and it becomes a chess board; remove the lid completely and the table becomes a backgammon board. Green table top I had already done a mural in the house (since painted over) and Amos asked me to paint the table in tones of green. Thus the table top was a complicated pattern of tropical leaves and fruit with a tiny butterfly, lizard and frog almost hidden in the foliage. The rest was painted in various tones of green with a "sponge" background effect in the game areas. The decor of the house had recently undergone a complete makeover and the table (like the mural) no longer looked good in its new surroundings. The table also needed a complete makeover and the owner suggested re-painting it in tones of blue. The design I did for the top took into account the fabrics used for the furniture and the owner agreed.   Green chess board   Green backgammon board   Blue chess board These  "before" and "after" images show a complete change of style as well as color. The new design is in harmony with the rest of the decor and blends in well. The only thing(s) still needing to be changed are the chairs used round the table - they are a beautiful dark green with green-pink   Blue backgammon board fabric cushions. They went well with [...]