My best friend in Bristol has a lovely apartment in Royal York Crescent, Clifton (where so many scenes from Jane Austen scripts are filmed). This beautiful Regency terrace is built on two levels: the upper level, pedestrian only, is accessed by steps or slopes at either end; the lower level is on the road, where the entrance to my friend’s apartment is. Hers is known as a “garden flat” and can be viewed both from the door below, through the grill, or much more clearly from above, looking down though the railings next to the entrance to the apartment above her, on the pedestrian level.

The main alcove wall of her garden was white and bare and uninteresting, so to brighten it up, I painted a Tuscan mural on it (we also thought her garbage can was very ugly so I gave it a bright, floral treatment). The mural (and garbage can!) is clearly visible to pedestrians above and it attracts a lot of attention from passers by, who even stop and take photographs. Once it was included as a clue in a treasure hunt, much to the amusement of my friend, who saw many viewers making a hurried note before dashing off to the next destination!