Antiguan Art in Los Angeles

Tall palms.Acrylic on canvas24x48" 61x122cm Antiguan art was on Norah's mind when she last visited Antigua. Norah bought ten of my paintings for her colourful house in Los Angeles, where the decor and the Antiguan art are in perfect harmony, as is shown in the examples here. The larger canvasses were removed from their stretchers, rolled up and inserted in small, protective mailing tubes for travelling. Everything fitted perfectly into Norah's suitcase and she enjoyed choosing the frames for them upon her arrival home. Tall Palms, at Norah'sAcrylic on canvas24x48" 61x122cm Humming birds & hibiscusWatercolour/Arches24x18" 61x45.7cm,140lb/200gm Humming birds & hibiscusWatercolour/Arches24x18" 61x45.7cm, 140lb/200gm . Cat watching the sun go downAcrylic on canvas panel11x14" 28x35.6cm Cat on red chairAcrylic on canvas24x36" 61x91.4cm  

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition I participated in a joint Art Exhibition on the theme “Dancers” at the Clifton Gallery, Memphis Tennessee in September 2010. These paintings are examples of the watercolours I painted for the show. They range from 12x16”, 14x20" to 24x18” (unframed sizes), all on Arches  or  Lanaquarelle acid-free 140lb NOT paper. The Art Exhibition lasted three months and the images below are what I still have available - except for the  ballerinas. Flamenco dancersWatercolour/Arches, 12x16" 30.5x40.6cm, 140lb/300gm Single flamenco dancerWatercolour/Arches, 12x16" 30.5x40.6cm, 140lb/300gm Grand jetéWatercolour/Lanaquarelle, 20x14" 50.8x35.6cm, 140lb/300gm TangoWatercolour/Arches, 20x14" 50.8x35.6cm, 140lb/300gm BallerinasWatercolour/Lanaquarelle,24x18" 61.4x45.7cm, 140lb/300gm Can CanWatercolour/Arches,16x12" 40.6x30.5cm, 140lb/300gm A client sent me an image of the painting she bought, beautifully mounted and framed, hanging next to her desk.

A Canine Christmas Gift

A canine Christmas Gift: Stewart, Teddy, Samson & DelilahAcrylic on canvas panel, 16x12” 40.5x30.5cm A Canine Christmas Gift In October 2012, Don & Judy Klovensky,  a charming couple staying at Sandals Grande Resort and Spa, Antigua, came into the Art Gallery there and bought one of my paintings (the gingerbread house shown here - a typical example of local Caribbean architecture). They admired a painting of two dogs which I was working on and wondered if their Mother/Mother-in-Law's four beloved dogs could be painted for her as a canine Christmas gift? Upon their return home, they emailed me a number of single, separate images of the dogs, all rather small and very low res. However, following their approval of the initial group sketch I did, putting them all together, I completed the painting in acrylic on a canvas panel and FedExed it to them in time. The dogs' owner was absolutely delighted, particularly as the eldest, Stewart, died shortly afterwards.   Gingerbread houseAcrylic on canvas, 36x24" 91x62cm  

Oscar and Felix: Antiguan Dogs

Oscar & Felix. Acrylic on canvas panel. 16x12” 40.5x30.5cm This painting is of my neighbour's dogs, father Oscar (on the right) and son Felix. Oscar was a very adventurous dog and sometimes turned up unexpectedly in our garden. We could not figure out how he got in until one day, his owner saw him climbing a tree next to the fence and creeping along a branch that leaned over into our yard. Sadly Oscar died recently at the ripe old age of 14. He is sorely missed and his portrait, together with his son, hangs above an old photograph of the owner's parents.

Antiguan dog

Antiguan dog Yula with her portraits Antiguan Dog  Antiguan dog Yula is typical of the type of dogs generally found in Antigua. The black muzzle and tan coat seem to be the basis - with origins both varied and intriguing.  Yula also has lovely white markings and a feathery tail. She was adopted by a couple at the Mill Reef Club, Antigua, who absolutely adore  her playful but very gentle nature. She lives in their beach front house and loves the sea, which features in the paintings of her. I did two watercolor portraits of her - one full size and another of just her head (both can be seen in the Portfolio section of this website, in the category Dogs & Cats). She is pictured here with her two paintings behind her on the couch.

Art Exhibition, Abracadabra, Antigua – November 2009

BoatyardAcrylic on canvas, 30x30”, 76.2x76.2cm This Exhibition was held in the Abracadabra Restaurant, English Harbour, Antigua. The paintings were hung in the restored section built from sailing ships' ballast bricks dating back to the 19th century. Earlier that same year, my 26-year old son Francis was tragically drowned off the British Virgin Island Tortola, whilst working on a yacht. This Exhibition celebrated his life, his love of the sea and the Caribbean, where he grew up. Great Egret taking offAcrylic on canvas, 30x30" 76.2x76.2cm Nesting Brown PelicansAcrylic on canvas,15x30" 38x76.2cm Late afternoon, facing west,with Great EgretsAcrylic on canvas, 5x30" 38x76cm Jabberwock BeachAcrylic on canvas, 30x30" 76.2x76.2cm

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