Project Description

Vizsla and Black Mouth Cur Dogs – Scout & Fiver

It was difficult to paint these two dogs – Vizsla and Black Mouth Cur – because the photos had a lot of distortion. However, after various attempts and checking with the owners, the result was good.

Fiver is the Vizsla and Scout is the Black Mouth Cur. Scout is the older and steadier whereas Fiver is very goofy and gambols about like a puppy, even though she is now considered an adult dog. They are not small dogs but somehow Fiver still sleeps in the same bed as his owners, who are absolutely nuts about their Vizsla and Black Mouth Cur dogs. Scout, the Black Mouth Cur, prefers the sofa (the dogs now have their own!).

Acrylic on canvas panel

18×24”   45.7×60.9cm