Project Description

Tropical Flowers

These tropical flowers are typical of the Caribbean: Ginger Lily, Anthuriums and Bird of Paradise. The two former have amazing variations in color, the Anthuriums especially, also varying in size. Unfortunately they do not grow well at all in Antigua, as the climate is too dry (there is no natural fresh water source, so they can really only grow where a desalination unit is operational. Even then, the climate is not the humid atmosphere that these tropical flowers prefer). However, we are lucky to get imports from nearby islands such as St. Lucia and Dominica.

These particular tropical flowers are very decorative and make marvelous arrangements in vases such as those pictured here. I was also inspired by the reflections of these vases in the polished surfaces of the table, with the light streaming in from a window in the background. The different colors of the flowers and their relative sizes formed a perfect composition, including signature drips, for this acrylic painting on canvas.

Acrylic on canvas

24×36”   61×91.4cm