Project Description

Shorkie – Roxy.

Roxy is a Shorkie (Yorkshire Terrier Shih-Tzu cross) and belonged to my daughter who mated her other dog, with Zooky, also a Shorkie,  though looking nothing like Roxy.

The cross between all the two Shorkies produced some intriguing results. Roxy had three litters of puppies ranging from deepest black to pure white, with various shades of brown in-between.  The puppies were cute and very much in demand. All found homes quickly apart from the one they kept, a tan female with a pointed nose called Mimi, bearing no resemblance to either of her parents. Roxy was spayed and probably glad to be be able to relax and enjoy life.

Although all three dogs made a noise when someone approached the house, the shrillness of their barks betrayed their small sizes, so my daughter and her husband acquired a ridgeback/mastiff cross. This gentle giant towers over the other dogs with whom he is extremely gentle. He was good friends with tiny Roxy but disaster struck when Roxy suddenly became ill and passed away. My daughter was devastated.

This portrait of Shorkie Roxy is a tribute to her memory and her sweet character.

Acrylic on canvas panel

12×16”   30.5×40.5cm