Project Description

Rescue dog – Brandy

This is a portrait of our own rescue dog Brandy. We already had one rescue dog, Gnasher, which my son found abandoned on the roadside. We also had Coco, not really a rescue dog, but she was given into our care by our elderly neighbors, who were unable to look after her properly, and my husband offered to have her. So then we had four dogs: our two original Shih-Tzu brothers, Rum and Ginger – and Gnasher and Coco(who was in love with Ginger, the alpha male). They all got on reasonably well although much bigger Gnasher felt a bit out of it. Then one day my husband phoned me from the boatyard to tell me he had a puppy sitting on his foot, where it had been resting all day, irrespective of where he moved to, as the puppy would follow. Well the puppy was brought home, then checked out by the vet and introduced to the rest of our canine family. It was smaller than Ginger (only 6 weeks) so he accepted it but much bigger Gnasher took exception and tried to eat it…Now, a few years later, Brandy and Gnasher are inseparable and the best of friends. Coco is still in love with Ginger and Rum is just getting grumpier with age.

Rescue dog Brandy has an absolutely delightful character, bursting with nervous energy. It was this latter aspect I particularly wanted to capture, with her ears pricked. She moves constantly and it took me various attempts to get the photo I wanted so that I could get her features exactly right. I am delighted with the result and with our dear rescue dog herself: I am so glad she found my husband and became a member of our family!

Acrylic on canvas panel

12×16”   30.5×40.5cm