Project Description

Puppy portait – Dusty.

This puppy portrait is of a rescue dog adopted by one of my best friends Mary. We kept trying to get photos of this incredibly energetic puppy who just wouldn’t and couldn’t keep still, with his seemingly over-large tongue all over the place. The photo from which this is done was taken in the split sec on that Mary said “sit!” and Dusty fleetingly obeyed, allowing Mary to put his lead on before leaping up again. The photo itself was at a complete angle to the horizontal, but good enough for me to capture the puppy sitting.

I know this dog well, so I also know that I have captured the energy and enthusiasm of this playful and eager young dog  in this puppy portrait. Mary had been thinking about having a dog for a while and this particular puppy was the last one in a litter just dumped and abandoned across the street from her. The others all disappeared one by one. Dusty crawled into her yard and that was it! He has been a source of joy to Mary and her partner James ever since.
Acrylic on canvas panel
12×16” 30.5×40.5cm