Project Description

Pet dog Charlton.

Pet dog Charlton was part of the family for so many years. He was the first pet dog they had, and yet when he died, the family realized they only had one small photo of him, of his head only, ending just above the chin. A good friend of the family asked me if I could do a portrait from it, and I thought I could. Because of the multicolored variations in the fur, the watercolor took quite a while, building up layers to create the correct tones. I was pleased with the result and we sent it to England to Charlton’s owner. She was delighted!

The painting was in a protective tube which she placed in her daughter’s stroller whilst she got her daughter ready, intending to take the painting t0 the framer. When she came out to put her daughter into the stroller, she discovered to her horror that the other family dogs had got hold of the cardboard tube and ripped it to bits, as it was obviously very chewy….the significance of this act does not bear thinking about! Meanwhile the friend who had commissioned the portrait asked me if I could do another, as Charlton’s owner was so upset and too embarrassed to ask me herself. So I said I would try…

As the painting was still very much in my head, I found it easier the second time round and even improved on the composition ( I don’t think I had left enough space at the bottom in the first painting). I was so glad, as reproducing this type of painting a second time is by no means a given! And to do it better was indeed a bonus. Naturally Charlton’s owner was delighted to get her pet dog portrait again – and this time she was more careful when she took it to the framer!

Watercolour/Arches 140lb 300gm

12×16”   30.5×40.5cm