Project Description


This glorious pink Frangipani was flowering in my neighbor’s garden here in Antigua and I just had to paint it. It was late afternoon, and the light was just catching a leaf here, a flower there – a very compelling subject. As the light was beginning to fade, I took a number of photos and used those as my main references.  The deep pink of this particular Frangipani is quite stunning, and I included some of the deeper, almost magenta buds with the open flowers. The leaves are also very distinctive and good to paint. Frangipani plants or bushes in general are excellent subjects for painting as well as for vase arrangements and bouquets. My (second) wedding bouquet consisted of an enormous bunch of amazing creamy-white Frangipani and I had three flowers in my hair as well…

I was very pleased with the finished acrylic painting on canvas of the pink Frangipani with its slightly abstract background but nicely figurative foreground, focussing on a few flowers and leaves. I recently completed a white Frangipani but in a much loser style and more abstract.


Acrylic on canvas

24×36”  61×91.4cm