Project Description

Coffee break

This is where I often take my coffee break, in my courtyard. The little table is just big enough for the coffee and my book. It is both a peaceful place in which to take a coffee break. There is shade, lovely tropical flowers and humming birds and bananaquits flying around as I enjoy my coffee break.

It was when I got up to go and answer the phone that I realized that this would make an excellent subject for a painting. As the light changes so quickly, I took some photographs as well as doing a couple of quick sketches. I was very pleased with the finished acrylic painting which depicts perfectly the peace and calm of this tropical courtyard in Antigua.

I don’t have a coffee break any more since painting this. It’s a shame, as I love coffee but was drinking too much and gave it up for medical reasons. So now I have tea breaks and am looking forward to my next painting featuring a teapot!

Acrylic on canvas

24×36”  61×91.4cm