Project Description


This is a watercolor painting of Biscuit, when she was a kitten, taking a catnap.

I found Biscuit’s position – a catnap on her head with her legs in the air & slung over the sofa – to be particularly appealing and so I painted this picture. Biscuit is another of my friend Carrie’s menagerie: one of her friends brought this tiny white abandoned kitten and despite Carrie’s protests, she stayed (Carrie has six dogs and nearly as many cats…).

Actually, I like the whole idea of a catnap: being able to fall into a light sleep for a short length of time then wake up feeling much refreshed after 10 minutes or so. Cats seem to do it effortlessly – so does my brother, who has now made it a daily habit, after lunch, to take a 15-minute catnap. Any longer, he says, then it’s the reverse effect: you feel awful.

Cats catnap throughout the day as do dogs (dognap???although I digress: I was just thinking that “kidnap” had a wholly different meaning, not to be explored here…).

I suppose at night they all just sleep like the rest of us!


6×8”      15.2×20.2cm