P1020681 P1020682 P1020683 P1020678 P1020679 P1020680 P1020685This is a series of small P1020684Caribbean watercolors on Arches or Lanaquarelle acid-free paper. In them, I try to capture various aspects of the  fauna and flora that surround me here in Antigua. The tiny jewel-like humming birds, the numerous and chatty  yellow-breasted bananaquits and the stately brown pelicans on the Caribbean Sea are examples of the tropical birds I see every day.

The bananaquits are pictured with hibiscus and bougainvillea, typical of this island. The humming bird hovers next to allamanda.

Orchids are very much considered tropical blooms and grow well in the Caribbean; I absolutely love them (even though I don’t seem very good at taking care of them!).

The small Caribbean watercolors themselves are all approximately 8×10″ or 20x25cm;  they are also available mounted 11×14″ or 28x36cm with a double white acid-free mat – which is a standard frame size.

The brightly-colored transparent watercolors are the ideal medium for tropical scenery and the Caribbean in general and Antigua in particular.